What we do

Big Boat Sailing - Lots of sailing. Evenings. Weekends. Day and night. Fair weather and the occasional "snotty" weather. Hundreds of nautical miles a season.

Small boat sailing, rowing, swimming, and other water activities.

Cruising - Weekend trips. Overnight non-stop sails. Long Cruise.

Racing - Local, middle distance (45nm +), and long distance (100nm +). Days and nights.

Maintenance & projects - Looking after our boat, equipment, and gear is critical. We keep things "ship shape" and to high safety standards. It's sometimes hard work and always worth it.

Special trips - Interesting and different things year round. Ski Trip. 

Planning - For trips, for practice, for fundraising, for recruiting.

Service projects - Because.

Building knowledge and skills - Seamanship. Safety. Navigation. CPR. First Aid.

...and lots more... all defined and lead by youth members.

And why we do it... 

To expand our horizons. 

Friendship, Seamanship, Leadership, Challenge, and of course Fun!