How to Support Ship 6

Funding is a constant challenge. Thank you for supporting our Ship!

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization through our chartering organization and donations are usually tax-deductible. Ship 6 is volunteer run and youth-led.

Financial Support

Checks may be made out to "Sea Explorer Ship 6". Please see the contact us page for mailing information.

Some employers match donations, so please check with yours to see how to increase the impact of your support. And many companies offer year-end and other Employee Giving programs through 3rd party administrators. Examples are the United Way at Work program, Benevity, Pfizer, etc. Contact your company's benefits or philanthropy administrator for more information.

Gift in Kind Donations

We accept many new and "good condition" boating products also known as gift-in-kind donations. We may choose to use the item or sell it to help fund the program.

Boat Donations

Depending on the size and condition of the boat we may be able to accept a boat on donation. If we are not able to use the boat as part of our activities we may use it to help fund our program. If you are interested in donating your boat please contact us for more information.

Thanks to the following companies for their wonderful support

ACR- Fort Lauderdale, FL

A. Cook Print - Norwalk, CT

Bank Sails - Norwalk, CT

Cotalings Auto Body - Norwalk, CT

The Boat Works - Rowayton, CT

Challenge Sailcloth

Cove Marina - Norwalk, CT

Cruising Yachts - Rowayton, CT

Cybersmith Internet Solutions-Kings Park, NY

David Robotham, Surveyeor -Westport, CT

Dimension Sail Cloth - Putnam, CT

Goetz Custom Boat - Bristol, RI

Goodman Insurance - White Plains, NY

Gougeon Borthers - Bay City, MA

Hall Spars - Bristol, RI

Harken, USA

Hathaway Reiser & Raymond - Stamford, CT

Head Foil Corp. - Lake City, MN

Howorth, USA - Farmingdale, NY

Indian Harbor YC - Greenwich, CT

Jamie Boekel Foundation

Landfall Navigation - Stamford, CT

Lewmar Marine - Guilford, CT

Liferaft & Survival - Portsmouth, RI

Lloyd Harbor YC - NY

Mack Boring & Parts Co - NJ

Modern Medical Systems - Farmingdale, NY

New England Ropes - New Bedford, MA

Norwalk YC - Norwalk, CT

Norwest Marine - Norwalk, CT

North U - Madison, CT

Norwalk Cove Marina - Norwalk, CT

Norwalk Signs, Norwalk, CT

Navtek - CT

Ocean Rigging - Norwalk, CT

Ockam Instruments - Milford, CT - Norwalk, CT

Pathfinder Marine - Champlain NY

PhotoBoat - Westport, CT & FL

Port Niantic - Niantic, CT

P.M. Inc. - Norwalk, CT

Quantum Sails - Norwalk, CT

Rex Marine - Norwalk, CT

Ritchie Navigation - Pembroke, MA

Riverside YC - Greenwich, CT

Select Plastics - Norwalk, CT

Shore Sails - Norwalk, CT

Signal Mate/MiSea - Baltimore, MD

Sign Design - Norwalk, CT NY

Sign Smarts - Norwalk, CT

Stamford YC - Stamford, CT

The Storm Trysail Club - Larchmont, NY

Tidewater Electronics - Norwalk, CT

United States Power Squadrons - Norwalk, Saugatuck, Greenwich

UK Sails - City Island, NY

William Cook, Naval Architect - Osterville, MS

Wilson Cove Marina


...and many more...