Interested in Joining?

So you think you might want to do this... great! But if you're not sure yet that's ok too. Either way, you are welcome to visit with us for a meeting or a sail to see if Ship 6 is for you.


Who can participate?

Ship 6 is open to teenage boys and girls age 14 and up who live in driving distance of Norwalk and who have an interest in the Sea. If you've got boating or sailing experience then you've probably already figured out that Ship 6 is pretty cool. If you've never been on a boat before in your life that's ok too - we welcome beginners and some of our most successful crew had never sailed before joining Ship 6.

How much does it cost?

Membership is very affordable. We are currently reassessing costs so the below information will be changing.

  • There is a modest one-time joining fee.

  • Membership dues are equivalent to $3 a week. And the annual national/council re-registration fee is currently about $130

  • Tax deductible donations to support maintenance and management of Celebration are also needed.

The Sea Scout training manual (strongly recommended) is available free online. Special gear and trips are additional. Trips are estimated on a case by case basis. We try to economize wherever possible.

To keeps costs low (boats and sailing is very expensive) lots of fundraising is needed and this is a team effort!

So how do I officially join?

Show up. And keep showing up. When you join there will be some forms to fill out, of course. Pay the joining fee, keep dues up to date, and do your part. It's just that simple!

Ship 6 meets on Tuesday evenings year-round, only breaking for a short time in late December. The Ship is also very active on the weekends.

"Whether you are a sailor who wants the chance to experience big boat sailing firsthand, or just a kid seeking friends and adventure, sailing with Ship 6 is a great opportunity for anyone."

Michael, 16

"Ship 6 is a program that builds teamwork and friendships, it is a great way to meet kids and learn to sail at the same time."

Mel, 15

Ship 6 is an excellent and unique opportunity to sail with peers and gain knowledge not only about sailing and boats in general, but to make new friends. There may be other Sea Scout Ships out there but none are quite like Ship 6."

Ro, 15

"I love that it's us kids who are leading the program, and that we have the opportunity to build leadership and life skills."

Owen, 14