Adventure Sailing for Teens

Ship 6 is year-round co-ed seamanship and leadership program for teens age 14 and up. Prior sailing experience is recommended but not required. Beginners are welcome. The program goal is to develop able sailors capable of handling the boat and crew as if it were their own. Individual development and team work sail side by side in Ship 6.

Make no mistake about it, Ship 6 is an active sailing program and sails frequently from April to November each year, including Tuesday nights and weekends. This much sailing exposes the ship and crew to the broad spectrum of the boating environment. Ship 6 teaches the skills necessary to not merely survive in this environment but to thrive and excel in it.

As a high adventure program, Ship 6 is both physically and intellectually challenging. Youth Leadership opportunities abound. We are the only Sea Scout Ship between NYC and Fairfield, CT.

Ship 6 is a volunteer run and youth led program. It builds character, resourcefulness and confidence. Many of our crew keep a strong interest in sailing and the maritime industry long after their Ship 6 experience. Amongst our alumni we have Engineers, Marine Biologists, Commercial Ship Captains, Sail Designers, Naval Architects, Ocean racers, Marina Managers, and more.

Things you should know:

  • Ship 6 is a non-traditional Sea Scout Ship. We are ambitious, spend a lot of time on the water, and utilize an applied skills format.

  • Ship 6 meets year round and is VERY active. Availability on Tuesday evenings and weekends is very important.

  • Crew members have come from as far as Pound Ridge, Milford, Weston, Westport, New Canaan, Ridgefield, Darien, and Stamford. If you can get yourself to Norwalk then you are "in the zone".

  • Ship 6 does not follow the traditional Sea Scouting uniform approach - we have our own unique look.

  • We don't do "merit badges". Sea Scouting focuses on a progression of seamanship and leadership skills - and using them. There is an advancement program that leads to the coveted "Quartermaster" available to crewmembers who take the initiative, and follow through. This is an individual effort pursued outside of regular meetings and activities.

  • The youth members have responsibilities to manage and maintain the program and boat.

Our Typical Schedule

Ship 6 will be a constant, consistent, and important part of your life. It is not a "drop-in" or seasonal/summer program. Consistent year-round participation is expected.

  • Tuesday meetings - We meet every week year round. Schedule varies by season and generally is 6:30pm - 9pm. Tuesday meetings may be conducted on land or at sea.

  • Weekends - Schedules vary and are ongoing but count on activity every weekend from early March into December!

  • Sailing, training, racing, cruising, maintenance, fundraising and more.

  • Special trips and activities are also planned by the crew during the winter months.

  • Focused maintenance efforts are generally conducted in March/April and November/December. Other projects during the year may also be needed. All crew members are required to participate.

Our Training Vessel - Celebration II

Ship 6 focuses on "big boat" sailing. Celebration II is a Tripp 37 racing/cruising sloop and was donated to Ship 6 in 2009. She was designed by Bill Tripp Jr. and is very strongly built by Holby Marine. Celebration II is 37' LOA with 12.5' beam and 7' draft. She sleeps 8 in cozy, comfortable single berths and meets or exceeds all USPS and USCG recommended requirements as well as YRA LIS Category B race requirements. Navigation methods includes traditional as well as GPS. We are responsible for all aspects of her maintenance, operation and funding.

Adult Leaders

Ship 6 has a dedicated group of adults to help guide the way. The structure includes a "Skipper" or program director, "Mates" who generally have an area of focus like maintenance or administration, and committee members and others who support the Skipper and Ship as needed. All adults are volunteers.

Kai Horan - The "Skipper"

Since 2006 the Skipper position has been held by Kai Horan. Prior to becoming Skipper, Kai was a Mate in the Ship 6 program. Kai's boating experience includes J24 and Ensign racing, extended cruising in Maine on a 44' steel hulled cruising sloop, frostbiting on JY15s, participations in the Vineyard race, Block Island Race Week, Stratford Shoal races and more. Kai is a Past Commander of the Norwalk Sail and Power Squadron and has completed courses through and including Advanced Piloting. Kai is CPR and first aid trained. She is also Sea Scout Leader trained, has been a staff instructor several times at the Sea Badge adult leadership conference and is a recipient of the Venturing Leadership and Unit Leader of Merit awards.

Jon Ricci - First Mate

Jon has been involved with the Ship 6 program since 2009. He has both small and big boat experience including double handing and long distance racing. Jon has sailed on JY15s, Hobie cats, J100, Pearson 37, Sunfast 3600 and has participated in the Vineyard race, Block Island Race, Block Island Race Week as well as other middle distance and local races. Jon is a huge help in the area of maintenance and racing. Jon is a member of the Norwalk Sail and Power Squadron and is currently serving as Assistant Education Officer. He has a CT Boaters license and has completed advanced power squadron courses including Weather, Engine Maintenance, Sail, Seamanship, Piloting, Advanced Piloting and celestial navigation. Jon is trained in both CPR and first aid and is Sea Scout Leader Trained.

Jim Dobbs - Committee Chair

Tony D'Andrea - District Commissioner/Liaison

About Sea Scouting

Sea Scouting is a division of the Boy Scouts of America for older youth focused on an area of special interest. We, as Sea Scouts, have chosen the sea and sailing.

If this doesn't sound like the Boy Scouts you remember, that's because it's not! The differences are many. Sea Scouts is only for teenagers (14 - 21), it is co-ed, the program is run by the members of the Ship (leaders are there to teach, assist and advise), there are no knee socks and neckerchiefs in this program. The traditional scouting elements and ideals are taught and dealt with in a subtle way.

Each unit in Sea Scouting is called a "Ship". Each Ship has a local chartering organization; a church, school, club, organization or business. Each Ship has a committee, which is composed of adult volunteers, an adult "skipper" and assistant, to help with organization and administration. The key principle of Sea Scouting is that the youth crew of the Ship is responsible for the program, and especially their boat.

Ship 6 History

Ship 6 has been around for a long time. The Ship was founded in 1957 by Len Jacob and is the best kept secret on Long Island Sound. It started out as a small dingy boat program and over the years became a keel boat program to what is it today, a very active big boat program. Ship 6 has been based in Norwalk since the beginning. For the last 15 or so years we have called Norwalk Cove Marina "home" and appreciate the marina's ongoing support.


2006 - present Kai Horan

2005-2006 Kai Horan and Marcy Montgomery

1982-2005 Bill Austin

1980-1982 Chris Elsberry

1957-1980 Len Jacob

Primary training vessels:

Celebration II (Tripp 37) - 2010 to present

Celebration (IOR Custom 40) - 1995 to 2010

Tangerine - 1978 to 1995

A message from the Founder's son

April, 2010

Hello. My father Leonard Jacob started the ship and I am so proud to see it is still going strong.

Back in 1960 the president of Guldens Mustard donated a 110 foot motor yacht that guzzled 5o gallons an hour of diesel fuel. That was when my mother was pregnant with me (I was born 1960) needless to say we did not operate that ship for to long. We do have pictures of it.

It is volunteers like you that help guide the kids of today to be the men and women of tomorrow. I sincerely thank you for your time and effort.

Back when I was involved it was not co-ed but I was there when it changed to co-ed. Along with sailing we did iceboating (yes we had one of those too, under our front porch.) We went camping in all 4 seasons as well as camping at Port Jeff for regattas. We went on ski trips.... dues were $1 per week.

At one point we operated 13 vessels ranging from row boats to Boston Whalers to a Star Class racing sailboat that was the 52nd one made. My dad worked very hard to progress Ship 6 to where you have maintained it today. He was finally able to get his dream boat "Tangerine" while he was diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment. During a storm it sank off the mud flats at Vets park and we did not have the heart to tell him while he was on his deathbed. We raised her up and got her back sailing with the help of many friends and colleagues.

I have many fond memories of my days with my dad and friends with Ship 6. My brother in law Chris Elsberry took it over in the interim after the passing of my dad. Bill Austin took it to another level. I know you will continue to improve it and teach these boys and girls most importantly the life lessons they will learn through you. Again thank you for what you do.

Take care and smooth sailing

Sincerely Kurt Jacob