Racing Results

We race against adult sailed boats!

2021 - Celebration II

1st - NISF Cup*

5th - Stamford Denmark Race

2nd - Vineyard Race, Cornfield Point course 116nm

4-6-6 ~ Dorade Junior Big Boat Regatta (aboard J92 "Easy Red")

2nd ~ Greens Ledge Cup*

1st ~ Riverside YC Stratford Shoal Race (aboard Swan 47 "Cygnus")

*Norwalk Islands Sailing Fleet (NISF)

2020 - Celebration II

2nd ~ Season Overall*

6th ~ Stamford YC Denmark Race

5th ~ IHYC Gearbuster Race

2nd ~ Greens Ledge Cup*

6th ~ Full Moon Evening Race*

2nd ~ NISF Cup*

4th ~ Partners Cup*

*Norwalk Islands Sailing Fleet (NISF)

2019 - Celebration II

3rd ~ Vineyard Race, Cornfield Point course 116nm

3rd ~ Stamford Overnight Race

2nd ~ Full Moon Evening Race*

7th ~ Yellow Rock*

4th ~ Greens Ledge*

3rd ~ Chantyman*

*Norwalk Islands Sailing Fleet (NISF)

2018 - Celebration II

4th ~ IHYC Gearbuster

3rd ~ Partners Cup*

7th ~ Yellow Rock Race *

9th ~ Chanteyman Cup*

*Norwalk Islands Sailing Fleet (NISF)

2017 - Celebration II

YRALIS Season Overall Trophies

1st ~ Stratford Shoal Distance Racing Trophy

3rd ~ Kings Point Day Racing Trophy

Individual Races

3rd ~ IHYC Gearbuster Race

1st ~ Partner's Cup*

2nd ~ NISF Challenge*

1st ~ SYC Denmark Race

2nd ~ Mayor's Cup*

1st ~ SYC Overnight Race

4th ~ HYC Mayor's Cup

2nd ~ King Cup*

4th ~ IHYC Geartester

Norwalk Yacht Club Saturday Series*

2016 - Celebration II

5th ~ IHYC Gearbuster

4th ~ Partner's Cup*

3rd ~ Mayor's Cup*

5th ~ SYC Vineyard Race

TLE ~ SYC Overnight Race

1st ~ Evening Race*

2nd ~ Philcox Cup*

2nd ~ Chanteyman Cup*

1st ~ Spring Pursuit*

3rd ~ King Cup*

4-5-5-4-5-5-2-4-4-3 ~ NYC Wednesday Night Racing

2nd ~ Season Overall

*Norwalk Yacht Club Saturday Series

2015 - Celebration II

2nd ~ Philcox Cup Div II*

Ret ~ SYC Vineyard Race Cornfield Point Course (116nm)

1st ~ Greenwich Propane Women's Cup Div II*

1st ~ Evening Race Div II*

3rd ~ Mid-Summer Race Div II*

2nd ~ King Cup Div II*

2nd Overall ~ Norwalk Yacht Club Saturday Champs Series*

(Norwalk YC Saturday Champs Series previously known as NISF)

2014 - Celebration II

6th ~ IHYC The "Gearbuster" NS Div V

4th ~ NISF Mayors Cup

1st ~ NISF Philcox Cup

3rd ~ SYC Vineyard Race Seaflower Reef Course (143nm)

2nd ~ NISF/SHYC Evening Race

3rd ~ NISF Race 2

6th ~ NISF/NYC Chanteyman Cup

2013 - Celebration II

3rd ~ IHYC The "Gearbuster" NS Div V

4th ~ Philcox Cup Div III

5th ~ Mayor's Cup Div III

7th ~ SYC Denmark Race Class 2 Div VI

8th ~ Greens Ledge Cup Div III

TLE ~ Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club Stratford Shoal Race

3rd ~ NISF Race 2 Div III

STC Block Island Race Week XXV Green Fleet

7th ~ King Cup Div III

2012 - Celebration II

9th ~ The "Gearbuster" Indian Harbor YC

5th ~ NISF Challenge Cup Div III

2nd ~ PHRF Fall Classic Regatta Div II

ocs ~ Stamford YC Overnight Race

3rd ~ NISF Saugatuck Harbor YC Evening Race Div III

4th ~ Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club Stratford Shoal Race Div I

6th ~ Friends and Neighbors Div II

4th ~ Riverside Yacht Club Stratford Shoal Race Div VI

4th ~ NISF Race 1 Div III

2011 - Celebration II

1st ~ Stamford YC Overnight Stratford Shoal Race Div III

3rd ~ NISF CT Shore Series Div III

4th ~ NISF King Cup Div III

5th ~ NISF Mayors Cup Div III

4th ~ NISF Philcox Cup Div III

6th ~ NISF Partner's Cup Div III

4th ~ Friends & Neighbors Div III

2010 - Celebration II

1st ~ Stamford YC Overnight Stratford Shoal Race Div III

4th ~ NISF Partners Cup Div III

3rd ~ NISF RG Ely Cup Div III

5th ~ NISF Philcox Cup Div III

6th ~ NISF Greens Ledge Cup Div III

2009 - Celebration

King Cup, 5th

SHYC Evening race, 3rd

Greens Ledge Cup, 3rd

2008 - Celebration

Philcox Cup, 5th

Partners Cup, 7th

2007 - Celebration

King Cup, 2nd

2006 - Celebration

Day Race, 4th

2005 - Celebration

NISF Season: 2nd Overall

Partners Cup, 4th

Mayors Cup, 3rd

Greens Ledge Cup, 3rd

King Cup, 1st

Day race, 1st

2004 - Celebration

NISF Season: 1st Overall

Mayor's Cup, 1st

Green's Ledge Cup, 2nd

Friends and Neighbors, 3rd

Day Race, 1st

Chanteyman Cup, 1st

King Cup, 1st

2002 - Celebration

Greenwich Propane Women's Cup, 5th

King Cup, 6th

2001 - Celebration

Chantyman Cup, 1st

King Cup Div 1, 5th

United CT Shore Series, 4th

Block Island Race Week-White Fleet, Class 8, Daily record...2,1,3,3,1 1st 'around the island race'

Shelter Island Trophy Team Race, 1st

Vintage Yacht Trophy, 6th

1999 - Celebration

Stamford Mayor's Cup Division IV, 2nd

Block Island Race Week, 2nd

Block Island Race Week - Bus Mosbacker Sportsmanship Trophy

Block Island Race Week Division III, 1st

1997 - Celebration

Friends & Neighbors Division III, 1st

1996 - Celebration

Mayor's Cup, 1st

Stamford Yacht Club Overnight Division III, 1st

1995 - Celebration

Philcox Memorial Cup, 3rd

1994 - Celebration

Philcox Memorial Cup, 1st

photo courtesy of Rick Bennerot