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Consider this... A 100 mile non-stop sail… weekend trips… racing... week long cruise… Block Island, Newport, Mystic… 3 a.m… moon so bright. 4:00 a.m... no moon, no lights, so dark nothing but stars, phosphorous glowing in our wake. Navigation… sunset sails… sunrise sails… long sailing season. We’re alone out here, except for the distant barge. More navigation… winter program… skiing. It’s definitely not sailing with your parents… it’s “hands on”... it’s really hot. 

Ship 6 is year-round co-ed seamanship and leadership program for teens age 14 and up. Prior sailing experience is recommended but not required. Beginners are welcome. The program goal is to build life skills and confidence through the challenges of big boat sailing, by developing able sailors capable of handling the boat and crew as if it were their own. Individual development and teamwork sail side by side in Ship 6. 

Winners of YRALIS (Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound) 2023 season overall awards:

1st Overall - 2023 Stratford Shoal Lighthouse Distance Trophy
1st Overall - 2023 Kings Point Day Racing Trophy
1st Overall - 2023 Youth Challenge Cup

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"If you ever thought about Sea Scouts or Sailing or something new to try, this is the Ship to join! They are legit the most active. Freakin awesome sailors and leaders."

Former Ship 6 Bosun

Ship 6 has been featured in Windcheck Magazine several times; 

Sea Scouts is the Maritime division of the Boy Scouts of America. Ship 6 is a non-traditional unit based in Norwalk, CT. We are NOT Boy Scouts on the water. We are our own program. We enjoy big boat sailing, offshore racing, various maritime topics, adventures at sea and on land, and much more.  We also maintain our training vessel and program ourselves. Many past members have attended maritime and engineering colleges, and have interesting and satisfying careers in the maritime industry. 

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