"NORWALK-The youngest crew ever took first place in their class in races off Block Island that's one of the country's biggest, oldest and most prestigious sailing events of the year.
The 13 teen sailors are members of Norwalk Sea Scouts Ship 6, and the 14-18 year olds were competing Friday against nine vessels in the non-spinnaker class in the White Fleet, division 7. The races took place over five days. The Norwalk Sea Scouts won the same event two years ago, surprising their more mature competitors who hadn't taken them seriously until they'd won, said their (then) Skipper, Bill Austin."












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RACING Results

2017 - Celebration II

YRALIS Season Overall Trophies
3rd ~ Kings Point Day Racing Trophy
1st ~ Stratford Shoal Distance Racing Trophy

Individual Races
3rd ~ IHYC Gearbuster Race
1st ~ Partner's Cup*
2nd ~ NISF Challenge*
1st ~ SYC Denmark Race
2nd ~ Mayor's Cup*
1st ~ SYC Overnight Race
4th ~ HYC Mayor's Cup
2nd ~ King Cup*
4th ~ IHYC Geartester

Norwalk Yacht Club Saturday Series*

2016 - Celebration II

5th ~ IHYC Gearbuster
4th ~ Partner's Cup*
3rd ~ Mayor's Cup*
5th ~ SYC Vineyard Race
TLE ~ SYC Overnight Race
1st ~ Evening Race*
2nd ~ Philcox Cup*
2nd ~ Chanteyman Cup*
1st ~ Spring Pursuit*
3rd ~ King Cup*

NYC Wednesday Night Racing

Norwalk Yacht Club Saturday Series*
2nd Overall

2015 - Celebration II

2nd ~ Philcox Cup Div II*
RET ~ SYC Vineyard Race Cornfield Point Course (116nm)
1st ~ Greenwich Propane Women's Cup Div II*
1st ~ Evening Race Div II*
3rd ~ Mid-Summer Race Div II*
2nd ~ King Cup Div II*

Norwalk Yacht Club Saturday Champs Series*
2nd Overall

(Norwalk YC Saturday Champs Series previously known as NISF)

2014 - Celebration II

6th ~ IHYC The "Gearbuster" NS Div V
4th ~ NISF Mayors Cup
1st ~ NISF Philcox Cup
3rd ~ SYC Vineyard Race Seaflower Reef Course (143nm)
2nd ~ NISF/SHYC Evening Race
3rd ~ NISF Race 2
6th ~ NISF/NYC Chanteyman Cup

2013 - Celebration II

3rd ~ IHYC The "Gearbuster" NS Div V
4th ~ Philcox Cup Div III
5th ~ Mayor's Cup Div III
7th ~ SYC Denmark Race Class 2 Div VI
8th ~ Greens Ledge Cup Div III
TLE ~ Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club Stratford Shoal Race
3rd ~ NISF Race 2 Div III
STC Block Island Race Week XXV Green Fleet
7th ~ King Cup Div III

2012 - Celebration II

9th ~ The "Gearbuster" Indian Harbor YC
5th ~ NISF Challenge Cup Div III
2nd ~ PHRF Fall Classic Regatta Div II
ocs ~ Stamford YC Overnight Race
3rd ~ NISF Saugatuck Harbor YC Evening Race Div III
4th ~ Lloyd Harbor Yacht Club Stratford Shoal Race Div I
6th ~ Friends and Neighbors Div II
4th ~ Riverside Yacht Club Stratford Shoal Race Div VI
4th ~ NISF Race 1 Div III

2011 - Celebration II

1st ~ Stamford YC Overnight Stratford Shoal Race Div III
3rd ~ NISF CT Shore Series Div III
4th ~ NISF King Cup Div III
5th ~ NISF Mayors Cup Div III
4th ~ NISF Philcox Cup Div III
6th ~ NISF Partner's Cup Div III
4th ~ Friends & Neighbors Div III

2010 - Celebration II

1st ~ Stamford YC Overnight Stratford Shoal Race Div III
4th ~ NISF Partners Cup Div III
3rd ~ NISF RG Ely Cup Div III
5th ~ NISF Philcox Cup Div III
6th ~ NISF Greens Ledge Cup Div III

2009 - Celebration

King Cup, 5th
SHYC Evening race, 3rd
Greens Ledge Cup, 3rd

2008 - Celebration

Philcox Cup, 5th
Partners Cup, 7th

2007 - Celebration

King Cup, 2nd

2006 - Celebration

Day Race, 4th

2005 - Celebration

NISF Season: 2nd Overall
Partners Cup, 4th
Mayors Cup, 3rd
Greens Ledge Cup, 3rd
King Cup, 1st
Day race, 1st

2004 - Celebration

NISF Season: 1st Overall
Mayor's Cup, 1st
Green's Ledge Cup, 2nd
Friends and Neighbors, 3rd
Day Race, 1st
Chanteyman Cup, 1st
King Cup, 1st

2002 - Celebration

Greenwich Propane Women's Cup, 5th
King Cup, 6th

2001 - Celebration

Chantyman Cup, 1st
King Cup Div 1, 5th
United CT Shore Series, 4th
Block Island Race Week-White Fleet, Class 8, Daily record...2,1,3,3,1 1st 'around the island race'
Shelter Island Trophy Team Race, 1st
Vintage Yacht Trophy, 6th

1999 - Celebration

Stamford Mayor's Cup Division IV, 2nd
Block Island Race Week, 2nd
Block Island Race Week - Bus Mosbacker Sportsmanship Trophy
Block Island Race Week Division III, 1st

1997 - Celebration

Friends & Neighbors Division III, 1st

1996 - Celebration

Mayor's Cup, 1st
Stamford Yacht Club Overnight Division III, 1st

1995 - Celebration

Philcox Memorial Cup, 3rd

1994 - Celebration

Philcox Memorial Cup, 1st